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Better Pay Per Click Starts Here

Expand your advertising options to earn more clicks, leads, and customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is a great tool to see results fast. However, it is not as effective if done alone. 

We will create PPC campaigns for you, landing pages, SEO that’ll support the keywords we are targeting and much more.

Digital Marketing is a puzzle that can’t be solved with a single piece. 

What is Paid Media Marketing? 

Paid media is a way for businesses to promote their content through various mediums, like sponsored social media posts, display ads, paid search results, retargeting ads, and more.

Media can be divided into three categories: earned, owned, and paid.

Earned: Earned media is the media exposure your company gains through word-of-mouth. Think of this as free publicity.

Owned: Owned media is content you’re fully in control of, like your website, blog, and social media accounts.

Paid: Paid media is the content you sponsor to promote your brand and drive exposure. Paid media can be an effective opportunity to expand your brand reach, get more clicks, and generate more traffic. That’s where we come in.

PPC Advertising At Aberrant

We specialize in reading the data from your advertising results and effectively improving on the ads.

Everyone can tell you their copy/creative is the best but we believe a successful PPC ad is showing up right when someone wants a service/product.

We focus our attention on making sure you appear when someone wants you rather than making sure our ad is “catchy”. We prefer to be “catchy enough” but appear in front of consumers when they search. How do we know if our ad is catchy enough? We look at the data and it tells us.

PPC Work Timeline

Keyword Research

We begin with keyword research and determining which keywords will best trigger your paid ad.

Set Up Campaign

We will select the best type of campaign based on research and desired result.

Data Management

This is what separates us from fresh out of college ad agencies and experienced professionals. We will obsess over the data to improve your keywords, audience, copy, budget, ad schedule, and more. This is a continuous process as you gain ad share against competitors and your ads become more effective.

Quality Score Improvement

Paid ads have a quality score. This means how well does your website agree to your ad, do people click on the ad, do people interact with your website when they click on your ad, does the ad agree to your page’s meta-data, does your ad get conversions? There are a lot of factors that go into quality score and we work on this just as much as we work on the ad campaign itself.

The End Result

An affordable ad campaign that converts. From now on, when you want to promote a service or product you will be able to do at will.

It’s Your Ad Account

Most ad agencies will create proprietary accounts you will lose if you stop working with the agency. At Aberrant, we will create an account under your email so if for some reason you choose to stop working with us, the account is still yours. 

Frequently Asked Question

How is success measured in my pay per click campaign?

We. Track. Everything. We utilize Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and Google Call Tracking to track valuable actions taken on your ads and your website, such as form fills, button clicks, phone calls, and more. Data drives everything we do in your campaign, so correctly tracking and attributing conversions is paramount.

How can I outperform my competitors?

After we identify your priority services, we do an in-depth analysis using tools to identify competitor keywords, ad copy, and landing pages to help drive our strategy to remain competitive on the SERP. 

How quickly can I expect results?

The beauty of a PPC campaign is that you’ll immediately start seeing results as soon as you turn it on. That said, turning it on is the easy part. We never take a set-it-and-forget-it approach. Our team optimizes and tunes the campaign several times a week to continually get better and better metrics.

For example, we continuously test and optimize ad copy to improve click-through rate using powerful calls to action and in-depth competitive research.

We also continuously make data-driven optimizations to increase conversion rates. Some of these include reviewing landing pages for conversion rate optimizations, keyword match type testing, the addition of new keywords, and the removal of low-converting keywords. As a best practice, we like to use 60-90 days of data to drive our decisions.

How can I use paid campaigns to stay top of mind with people who have been to my site already?

To target previous website visitors, we launch a display retargeting campaign using a percentage of the allocated search funds. This campaign is typically a very cost-effective way of keeping your brand top of mind.

Can I Just Use Your Services For PPC?

Digital marketing is like a puzzle and every piece is important and impacts the overall picture. We do not only do PPC services because we know those would not be effective and therefore we manage all aspects of your digital marketing.