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A Model That Benefits Both Parties

An Agency That Grows With You, Not Without You

We are a small ad agency who invests a lot of time upfront to create a relationship that lasts and is great for both parties.

We know what it’s like to put trust in someone when you’re doing everything you can to make your dream a reality. We know this because we have been there. Our model is designed so you can see the time and effort we put in upfront so both companies can enjoy the successes later on.

We are a small ad agency that has a balanced background on data science and digital marketing expertise. We maintain a limit of 5 clients per digital marketer. Why is this? We do not sell you a story and then hand you to a marketer fresh out of college. All of our marketers have been in the industry or have created companies of their own for years.

We believe in collecting a smaller fee upfront when you are developing and growing with you and your company. This allows you to see and appreciate the value we bring while becoming a trusted business partner.

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A Small Agency Driven By Failure

We believe the refusal to fail drives more progress than success. 

Our founder spent two years putting together an adventure travel company, while maintaining their data science full time position. Finally, the company was ready, he pulled his retirement savings quit his full time job and launched the travel company February 2, 2020. You can imagine how well that went…

However, the refusal to fail caused him to work countless hours perfecting marketing and using his data science background to explore new marketing strategies. He created several strategies, but more importantly followed the data to make decisions.

His marketing ability was proven when he then co-founded a mobile covid testing and IV company. The company went national and he sold his portion to pursue his real passion of marketing.

Since then, Aberrant has helped several small businesses grow from start up to a profitable business. We have helped people quit their jobs and go full time pursuing their dream. There is nothing like this feeling and we will not stop until all of our clients are happy and thriving.

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Our unique initial strategy can help you see results fast. Once we get out of the infancy stage we can help you grow to your desired level. 

  • Small Business 90% 90%
  • Mid-Size Business 10% 10%


We are certified in all of the certification buzz words - Google ads/analytics, Facebook, digital marketing in general, SEM Rush and so on... What makes us different is we have been where you are right now. Ask us about our story of starting and selling businesses. 

We know how stressful it is to trust a marketing company with your money. We will spend time with you to explain what we are doing and how we are doing it. Our promise to you is, we will not spend your money unless, at a minimum, we get data in return to continously improve your marketing strategy.


We Have Been Where You Are Now

Ask us about our stories and you will hear the passion we have for entrepreneurial endeavors

Data Management Backgrounds

We love data. We do not spend money unless we get data back to improve upon

We Have The Certifications You Need

We are certified in Google Ads, Analytics, Facebook, SEM Rush, and more. 

You Can't Certify Creativity & Innovation

This is where we excel because we had to. Ask us about what makes us unique


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