Digital Strategy

Aligning Your Business With Your Marketing

Align your digital strategy with the life stage of your company.

We will make sure your digital strategy is aligned to your business objectives.

Are you a start up? We will lay the foundation with an SEO optimized website. While focusing on bringing in revenue as quickly as possible.

Are you a mid size company? We will leverage PPC, Email Marketing, and SEO to elevate your digital presence.

Why Do You Need A Digital Strategy? 

Your digital marketing needs to agree with where you are as a company. If you want an effecitve ROI on your digital spend you need to prioritize based on your business’ life stage.

Why Do I need Aberrant: You got your company this far and we truly respect that. It helps to have a partner whose sole purpose is to focus on marketing and has years of marketing experience to determine the most effective way to establish your digital presence.

How Long Will Creating A Strategy Take: Not long at all. We know time is of the essence, we will observe your company and present our strategy prior to implementing it.

Digital Marketing Strategy Options

There are a lot of factors that go into a strategy.

  • Do you need help with your online reputation?
  • Do you need revenue quickly?
  • Do you have revenue coming in and just want an online presence?
  • Are you just starting out with a new product or service? 
  • What is your budget? 
  • Do you have an existing customer base?

We will work with you and adjust our digital marketing tools to align with where you’re business is at and what you want to achieve. 

Digital Strategy Timeline

Learn About Your Business

We will spend time with you learning about your business and then we will sit with your business and observe what makes you different.

Establish Messaging

Messaging will be established that will be consistent on all digital fronts. We will tell your story in less than five seconds. 

Campaign Priority

Based on your business position we will prioritize what needs to be focused on first, SEO, PPC, Email Marketing, Social Media, and we will dive in!

Adjust Strategy

We will continually monitor your strategy and the life stage of your business to adjust and reprioritize our work.

Touch Base

We will have open communication with you to hear how things are going and get your feedback.

I’m really not interested in marketing, can you do it for me?

No problem! We will create and execute all aspects of your marketing strategy! Give us a call today!